Top 4 Tips to Diet Success (Must Read)

4 Tips to Diet Success

If you’re frustrated about your weight, then it’s time to take action.

No more disappointment from diets that don’t work or supplements.

You can lose as much weight as you want using a few basic tips that revolve around scheduling.

That’s right, the biggest enemy to losing weight is lack of time and discipline.

Implement these 4 tips below and watch the weight fall off.

No more frustration, like the old Nike saying …. Just Do it

Prepare and Schedule All Your Meals

Nothing happens without a plan.

The best way to lose weight is to eat 5 to 7 small meals per day and the only way you can make this happen is to prepare your meals in advance.

Strive to eat every 2 to 3 hours and never skip meals including breakfast.

A good start is to prepare a big bowl of soup and add your favorite vegetables and lean meat.

Put them in a Tupperware bowl and bring to work with you to eat every 2 to 3 hours.

You should make enough to last 3 to 5 days.

Avoid Simple Carbs 

The secret to losing weight is simple.

Avoid simple carbs as much as possible and watch the weight fall off.

So what are simple carbs?

They consist of white flour products such as bread and pasta, all sugary desserts and highly process/refined foods such as white rice.

Simple carbs causes a sudden rise in blood sugar that leads to excess insulin secretion.

The fat burning process is interrupted in presence of excess insulin.

Complex carbs from vegetables, fruits, whole grains are good for your diet.

Drink 10 to 20 Cups of Water per Day 

Water rids your body of toxins which aids in weight loss.

A well hydrated body is more efficient at burning fat so drink plenty of water.

Strive to drink 1 cup of water for every waking hour.

Lean Meat with One or Two Veggies for Dinner

The idea is to reduce the amount of carbs before bedtime.

Carbs are a natural energy source for your body and excess carbs tend to get stored as body fat.

Most people wind down in the evening and their body does not require extra  calories or energy.

Many experts agree that dinner should be the meal where the least amount of calories are consumed.

Your sample diet plan should look something like this:

Breakfast 6 am

Cereal  (1 swerving)
Low Fat/Sugar Free Yogurt
Some type of lean meat ….1 or 2 ounces (only if desired)

Mid Morning Snack

8 am

Soup with veggies and lean meat  use small Tupperware bowl serving size


11 am
Lean meat on 1 slice of whole grain bread or just 4 ounces of lean meat such chicken, lean steak or pork chop

Vegetable (anything except white potatoes)

Small salad (if desired)

1 – 2 pm  Mid Afternoon

1 Soup with veggies and lean meat  use small Tupperware bowl serving size

3 – 4 Mid Afternoon Snack

1 Soup with veggies and lean meat  use small Tupperware bowl serving size

5 -7 pm Dinner

4 ounce of lean meat

1 or 2 favorite vegetables (no white potatoes).

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