Alcohol Choices and Weight Loss – What You Must Know!

Alcohol Choices and Weight Loss

There are many factors that are involved in the weight loss process and also many that stop or make more difficult to lose weight.

The weight loss in linked not only with the foods and drinks that contains many calories but also what kind of foods and drinks are consumed.

Not only that the alcohol put in hold all the weight loss but also after a few drinks you will not have the power to stick with your diet plan, it could cause you to start eating foods that you shouldn’t.

Not everyone can cut out drinking from time to time as it is something that’s heavily linked to normal socialization.

So, if you cannot cut this habit, is better to know which drink choices you should be choosing in order to affect less the weight loss progress.

Let’s have a look at the top considerations.

The Good

Straight Liquor With Seltzer Water

One of first alcohol choice that affect less your weight loss plan is one ounce of your favorite liquor with simple seltzer water or plain water.

This drink contains only around 70 calories per drink, so is a much lighter choice.
If you can alternate this with one glass of plain water, all the better.

White Wine

If like wine even better, because the good news is that this is also a relatively lower calorie choice as well.

Most wines have from 90-150 calories per glass depending on the variety.

So, if you keep your total number of glasses down, it doesn’t have to destroy your weight loss progress.

Like the above, it’s always a good idea to alternate one alcohol drink with one none.

Light Beer

Light beer is another alcohol choice that you may want to take into consideration.

If you are a big fan of beer but you don’t want to renounce to your diet plan, light beer is the perfect choice for you.

Light beer is almost half the calories so will be much less devastating to your diet plan.

Light beer is also lower in total carbohydrates, so that’s definitely a plus as well.

The Bad

Creamy Liquors

Now we move on to bad choices that you can make.

Creamy liquors are one drink that you must stay away because they contain alcohol, fat, and sugar in one, so will really be a bomb for your diet plan.

Often these are mixed with milk as well, so while the milk is healthy, it will add extra calories.

Most creamy liquors will come in around 120 calories per ounce, so it will add up quickly.

Frozen Beverages

Another bad alcohol choice for you is frozen slushy beverages.

These can easily contain up to 400 calories once everything is added in and will do a real number on your waistline.

They contain far too much sugar as well, which will be very bad if you’re trying to prevent a hangover.

The combination of so much sugar plus alcohol entering the body is a sure-fire recipe for body fat gain.


Finally, the last bad alcohol choice to avoid is any fancy cocktail drink.

These also contain higher amounts of sugar and will often contain more than one different type of alcohol as well.

The most of the cocktails contains around 300 calories or more, so will put a big dent in your diet if you have two or three that evening.

So, you should have all these in mind if you want to lose weight and to stick with your diet plan.

Alcohol does tend to hinder your progress so, if you really must make a choice is better to choose from the drinks that affects less your weight loss process.

Also, if you choose to have some drinks, is better to control you appetite, because alcohol affects decisions and is most likely to start to eat junk food.

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