Dairy-Free Ice Cream: What You Need To Know

Dairy-Free Ice Cream
If you are like me you love ice cream! It doesn’t get much better than having a bowl of ice cream on a hot summers day, but what do you do on a dairy-free diet?I used to have a diet full of dairy and ice cream and now I eat dairy-free ice cream.

Surprisingly there are a lot of great options out there for dairy-free ice cream.

If you know the right places to look you will be on your way to ice cream heaven with a healthy dairy-free ice cream option.

First a little research on ice cream with dairy:

Research has shown that cows are treated with a growth hormone called rBGH.

Cows are given this hormone so that they can produce more milk.

Think about this, cows are given something synthetic so that they can produce more than they were intended to make.

Most of the milk that is used to make ice cream comes from cows that have been injected with this hormone.

Not only is this damaging to the cow, but it is damaging to us as well. “One serving of ice cream gives you twelve times as much of this powerful cancer accelerator as you would get in one serving of milk (1).”

All to make more money. Companies would rather have customers in poor health so that their pockets get fatter.

I don’t care how good something tastes, nothing tastes good enough for me to get cancer!

Also, a lot ice cream is loaded with carrageenan.

Carrageenan comes from a red seaweed that is used to thicken foods like yogurt, ice cream, soups, shakes.

So whats so bad about this? It causes inflammation, doesn’t digest well, and causes cancer.

Unfortunately, there are some dairy-free ice cream that do have carrageenan in them, but there are some dairy-free ice creams that do not! Joy!

One of the best options if you are looking for dairy-free ice cream is Coconut Bliss by Luna and Larry.

Coconut is very nutritious and provides fiber, vitamins and minerals.

I’ve had some coconut based ice creams and they were just o.k., but Coconut Bliss does it right!

I’ve had a few different kinds that they make and they are all great.

It is sweetened with agave syrup rather than corn syrup or regular sugar.

This is probably the healthiest ice cream you will ever eat, and it tastes amazing.

It is hard to avoid carrageenan on a dairy-free diet, but you should try.

Pay close attention to vegan cheeses.

I shop at Trader Joe’s frequently and I know their Mozzarella-Style Shreds do not have carrageenan, and the cheese is awesome!

The next time you go for that ice-cream…think twice.

All the more reason for a dairy-free diet and for dairy-free ice cream.

(1) Francis, Raymond. Never Fear Cancer Again. Health Communications Inc. 2011. Print

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