Facts About Milk: What You Must Know

Facts About Milk

Most of American’s do not know the facts about milk and they therefore do not see the dangers of milk. This is understandably so.

When you see the media and ads that are promoting milk consumption it can be hard to discern what is good or bad.

We are brought up in a culture where dairy is the norm, and living without dairy is weird..

We have to understand the facts about milk and that most dairy cows have been injected with growth hormones.

This is a big concern for me because we are putting things into our bodies and our children’s bodies that were never meant to be there.

Not only were we never mean to have them in our bodies, but the cow was not meant to either.

The hormones that the cows and Americans are intaking are RBST and RBGH.

What are these hormones? They are created in a lab and injected into cows every few weeks so they can produce more milk.

Why the need for milk production? Money! The more milk they can produce the more sales can be made at the expense of our health.

What is so bad about the hormones? To begin they harm the cow.

The hormones cause mastitis in the cow that forces the cowy to release bacteria and pus with the milk.

The cows are then treated with antibiotics and other medications that wind up in the milk.

Unfortunately, antibiotics contribute to poor digestion in us humans (1).

This the truth and the facts about milk.

Dairy has become a monster in our day because the industry has been lobbying for years to promote dairy as good nutrition.

The lobbyist have been preaching that dairy is a part of the four basic food groups.

The dairy industry has spend countless amounts of money to promote milk consumption (2).

The facts about milk is that is not healthy and is contributing to cancer and other diseases we could avoid.

One key finding is that in 2007 there were approximately 3 million children under 18 that had a food allergy. From 1997 to 2007 food allergies increased 18% (3).

Could there be a reason why? Could it be the incase in hormones in cows? Obviously humans haven’t changed, but maybe what we are eating has.

When we see the facts about milk and understand that the cow is getting injected with hormones it is easy to see why we have more allergic children.

Our children are eating things they were never intended to.

I hope you can see the facts about milk and I hope you know that there are alternatives to milk and dairy.

Milk is dangerous and can be avoided.

Not only can it be avoided but it should be avoided.

On your road to good health I hope you will let go of dairy and live life to the fullest!

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(3) Braum, Amy and Lukacs, Susan. Food Allergy Among U.S. Children: Trends in Prevalence and Hospitalizations. October 2008

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