Flour, The Truth Behind The Story


The basic ingredient of bread, cakes, pastry, pizza, pasta and many other; it is one of the most harmful ingredient we eat.

There are at least five reasons why it would be a good idea to avoid it.

1. White flour does not contain any nutrient.

After processes the wheat, the white flour industry suppresses 76% of the original vitamins and minerals.

The final product is mainly starch.

2. Wheat flour is bleached using chlorine dioxide.

This is the only way to get that appealing white color.

Other dangerous chemicals used in this process: monounsaturated sorbitan and potassium bromate, both highly toxic.

3. White flour acts like an insecticide.

Research has shown that it acts just like a real-world insecticide, having a lethal effect almost instantly on insects.

4. White flour contains L-cysteine.

This is not necessarily a dangerous compound, however it comes from chicken feathers, cow horns, human hair and petroleum products side. This is not a joke.

5. White flour contains alloxan, it is a chemical that causes the development of diabetes.

According to recent studies alloxan destroys beta cells in the pancreas.

The good news is that the antidote is vitamin E.

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