Follow These Simple Steps And Lose 5lbs In 7days

Lose weight

If we are to find out how many times people have searched online on tips to lose weight, am certain, it will be in its billions.

So many of us today are conscious of how body and would do anything to lose the extra pound making us look like bread that has been soaked in water for a long time.

Losing weight can be very easy if only we understand the way to go about.

Yes, I know, some of you are already raising your eyebrows wondering what this small girl is talking about, relax, I will do my best to explain how easy it can be for you to begin losing that extra pound holding you down.

The daily calorie intake for women is 2500, while for men, its 3000 calories.

Now one pound of fat is about 3500 calories, so to lose 5lbs, we will need to make a caloric deficit of 17,500 or burn that amount of calorie off.

Yes, another, Yepaa! How is this possible, without dying now? Hold your pearls once more and just read on.

How do you burn off 17500 calories in 5days? Simple, just break it down into a daily goal of 2500 calories per day and read these four steps below:

Depending on how active each person is, the first step is determining the exact amount of calorie you need to take per day, before embarking on caloric deficit and exercise.

You can determine the exact calorie need for the day by using a resting metabolic rate calculator.

Embark on a low calorie diet for the week to enable you lose the goal pounds.

Follow low calorie menu to achieve this. For this step, indulge in whole foods e.g, whole grain, whole wheat bread.

Subtract 1200 calories from your daily calorie intake.

Assuming you are to consume 2500 calories per day, taking just 1200 of the daily calorie need leaves you with 1300 caloric deficit which can be easily burned with simple exercise.

Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Yes, I know…no one wants to do this, but trust me you need it.

Now, am not saying you have to go and register at a gym, you could walk, run or swim, Infact, running at 10mph in an hour will enable you lose 1000 calories. so running an hour in the morning at 10 mph and walking for about 30 minutes later in the evening will aid in actualizing your goal weight loss for the day.

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