How to Get Motivation for Your Diet and Transform Your Body

How to Get Motivation for Your Diet and Transform Your Body

You can achieve anything if you stay motivated.

Lose weight, burn fat and transform your body by following sound motivational principles.

First you must keep track of your success and monitor your success each day.

Next, give yourself a definite time limit such as 30, 60 or 90 days.

By sticking to your diet plan for this short duration, you form habits that will last a lifetime, but first you must start in small increments.

My favorite method for achieving my dream body is to have several 90 day phases.

For instance, a phase 1 goal will be to go from 25% to 20% body fat or 230 pounds to 210 pounds.

Phase II is another 90 day period where you go from 20% to 14% body fat or from 210 to 190 pounds.

If you want to be extra ripped and lean you can implement a phase III 90 day program get down to 10% body fat or below.

Imagine what you would look like at 10% body fat where the average male is 40% body fat.

For women, add an additional 10% body fat because they naturally carry more fat as part of their physiology.

During the training phase, your focus is not the scale but it’s sticking to your diet plan.

No weighing for a month.

Your focus is to eat 5 to 6 small meals each day while eliminating sugar and white flour products.

You do this and the weight fall off.

Which brings us to the next importance step and that is planning your diet.

The most important element is to have a realistic diet that you can stick to.

Pizza, pasta, white rice, potato, bread should be eliminated.

Instead eat lean meats with vegetables, soups, brown rice or beans.

Your carbs will come from vegetables, high fiber cereal and limited amounts of brown rice or beans.

Your meals must be planned each day, so write down the time, food and approximate calories of each item.

An example plan is below:


  • High fiber cereal with low-fat meal
  • Sugar free yogurt

Mid Morning Snack

  • 1 cup home-made chicken salad with light mayonnaise 
  • 1/2  sandwich on whole wheat


  • Grilled chicken with 1 cup brown rice

Mid Afternoon Snack

  • One bowl soup   – Healthy Request


  • 2 soft chicken tacos using corn tortillas and light cheese
  • Grilled asparagus
  • One serving of sugar free pudding


  • Grilled chicken breast and leg
  • Steamed vegetables

Breakfast is under 300 calories.

Mid morning snack is 200 calories and lunch is 400 calories.

Mid afternoon snack is 200 calories and dinner is 400 to 500 calories or total calorie value of 1500.

Motivation, tracking progress and sticking to a good diet plan is the key to transforming your body to look lean and sexy.

You’ll be surprised at how good you will look when given a reasonable time limit and marking each successful day on your calendar that you stick to your diet.

Nothing is left to chance when you follow this body transformation technique.

Here’s an interesting video as to get motivation for your diet and transform your body.

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