Top 15 Health Benefits of Ginger (2019)

Health Benefits of Ginger

This article contains everything you must know regarding health benefits of Ginger.

Ginger is among the most famous spice of the millions of spices all over the world.

It is also very popular among people who believe in all-things herbal.

It is mostly known for its taste as well as its medicinal properties.

However it is quite possible that not all the effects of ginger that are discovered are the only effects of ginger.

Ginger, which is said to have originated from Asia, is also known a zingiber officinale and some of the top health benefits of ginger are:

1. It Is a Powerful Pain Killer

Studies conducted on ginger have proven that it is more effective than over the counter painkillers.

When compared to the normal pain killer is used in smaller dosages to improve healthcare.

A person who takes around two grams of ginger may just be able to alleviate muscle pain resulting from resistance exercise and prolonged running.

There should be no issue with frequently taking it since it is a natural source of relief.

For better results, ginger should be taken about five times daily.

It was said that it is just as good if not better than Diclofenac and without causing discomfort in the digestive system.

2. It Helps With Allergy and Asthma

There are people who have Th2 dominance and ginger is highly recommended for them.

Ginger contains an active ingredient called zerumbone which boosts the Thi response.

In asthma patients, it suppressed Th2-mediated immune response.

It minimizes smooth muscle contraction within the body’s airways by lowering the contractions

3. It Alleviates Eczema

Ginger contains a compound called 6-shagaol which remedies allergic skin conditions through the use of cytokine inhibitions.

They do this using the activating principle on the NRf2 channel.

Eczema also has Th2 dominant condition so ginger is definitely the way to go.

4. It Helps With Osteoarthritis

The effect of ginger is inconclusive when used to help with osteoarthritis.

Some studies show definite improvement while others show the effectiveness of it during the first time it is used.

The true effectiveness should be tested after it has been used for enough times.

If indeed it’s only effective the first time, ways should be looked into for their improvement.

5. It Helps The Cut The Integrity of The Gut

Ginger helps the presence of prostaglandins in the stomach lining whereas the use of pharmaceuticals in patients with osteoarthritis don’t.

Discovery has been made that ginger eliminate some of the stomach lesions; they could be doing this by stopping the advancement of helicobacter pylori and through the control of the secretion of stomach acid where they reduce the acid when there is too much of it.

6. It Is an Anti-Inflammatory

An active ingredient in ginger called dehydro-(10)-gingerdione has the ability to regulate the inflammatory genes by hindering the pathway that is needed.

Similar to pharmaceuticals such as aspirin and Tylenol, ginger prevent COX enzymes from working.

It also prevents inflammatory chemicals such as leukotrienes from being produced.

The cytokines from macrophage that promote inflammation stopped because of the ginger which inhibit

  • The ginger you consume leads to a reduction in the serum CRP

7. It Relieves Nausea and Vomiting

People vomit or feel nausea for very different reasons but there is good news for those who feel this but are not allowed to take over-the-counter medication e.g. pregnant women.

For those who have motion sickness, there is a cure for the nausea or vomiting.

You just need to take ginger tea in the morning or carry a drink which has ginger as the main component with you.

It stops the over-activation of the vagal nerve.

Vomiting and nausea are both associated with the vagal nerve.

It is the trigger for both actions.

Ginger stops the serotonin function in the food pipe.

It is also a good non-drug relief for morning sickness in the first few months of morning sickness.

Even when a doctor prescribes medication which causes you to feel nausea as a result, ginger tea would easily fix your issues.

8. It Reduces Stomach Upsets/Discomfort

The flow of gut (peristalsis) is attributed to ginger in your body.

However works on different mammals differently e.g.; how does a cow end up eating ginger in its fodder?

Recent research shows that it helps digestive symptoms in people whose stomachs are frequently upset.

Ginger in no way affects movements in the gall bladder on the contrary its work is to regulate the bowel how the bowel moves

9. It Protects The Liver

Since ginger is a natural cure, it is easily absorbed into our systems unlike the other types of dresses.

When you combine it and alpha-lopoic acid they help you slow your age-relation.

It helps people who have TB not to live with toxins within their bodies as they would if they took the manufactured drugs.

It ensures that the kidney and the liver are safe from cadmium poisoning.

This is done for rabbits while for rats; ginger protects them from aluminum toxins.

10. Ginger Has Anti-Cancer Effects;

It has a few compounds that are strong against cancer.

There are many ways in which ginger can kill cancer cells.

  • It can cause the death of cancer cells through apostosis. It does this in two ways, first through p53 activation. In this case, the ginger terpenoids begin apostosis in the endometrial cells. The other ways is using Zerumbone. It is a component of ginger that begins apostosis in pancreatic cancer cells via p53.
  • It makes cancer cells sensitive to radiation. Zerumbone sensitizes colorectal cancer cells to radiation. This makes radiation therapy more effective.
  • It stops the growth of cancer cells. A component of ginger known as 6-gingerol can slow the growth of liver and bone cancer cells
  • It halts the blood vessels which facilitate the growth of cancer cells. The blood vessels are known as angiogenesis. Ginger stops angiogenesis in skin cancer.
  • It slows and stops cancer cells from moving around in your body. 6-gingerol stops metasis of breast cancer.

11. It Helps With Cardiovascular Needs

  • It makes blood CPR, blood sugar creators and cholesterol profile better in humans. It has the ability to regulate the nervous system in order to lower pressure. It stimulates muscarinic receptors and blocks the calcium channels.
  • 6-Gingerol in ginger protects cells that are on blood vessel lines from oxidative stress. This helps to protect the arteries from hardening.

12. It Is an Anti-Microbial

It is three-in-one.

It is anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-microbial.

Despite the fact that most of the studies done are based on cells, there is hope for real solutions in using ginger to treat infectious diseases.

This requires more clinical studies to be done.

13. Ginger Can Rectify Obesity From a Poor Diet

It can keep mice fed on a steady diet of high-fat from being obese.

It also helps them improve level of endurance during exercises.

14. It Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Ginger lowers the blood glucose in fasting foods as well as HbA1c in human beings.

15. It Protects Our DNA

Studies show that ginger’s essential oils reduce DNA damage from mold toxin known as aflatoxin.

It can also protect sperm DNA from oxidative stress.

This means that ginger can help improve fertility in men.

In Conclusion

It is quite evident that ginger health benefits are very many because of the many components ginger has.

It is important to also acknowledge the potential risks that are there in using ginger.

We should compare the many health benefits of ginger nutrition and compare it to the risks that users are subjected to.

The risks of using ginger include:

  • Poor circulation
  • Poor appetite
  • It may cause allergic reactions for example: bloating, gas, belching among others.

In cases where ginger itself may not be found, you may opt to use it supplements.

It is important for the supplements to have the pungent compounds.

Regardless of whether it is in powder form, crystallized, presented as a pill, a gingerroot or as tea, the feeling is an enjoyable one.

In terms of the amount of ginger you should take in a day, about eight ounces should suffice but in cases where you cannot take that much ginger, you can always opt for atleast a gram as long as some ginger is part of your day.

In the cases where consumption of ginger causes discomfort or gives the opposite effect of what you were expecting; contact your physician or dietician who is in better position to give personalized advice on what to do.

In general ginger is the best herb to take in order to maintain a healthy life.

It has the added benefit of adding flavor to tea.

It is not hard to cultivate or to grow and with just a little patience and care you can help the world get more of this beneficial herb.

It is a tuber which makes it quite simple to plant.

All you need is fertile loamy soil and the ginger tuber with a few buds.

If however you don’t see yourself planting it, they are everywhere.

Buy some and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s an interesting video on ginger health benefits.

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