Top 20 Health Benefits of Avocado (2019)

Health Benefits of Avocado

This article contains everything you need to know about health benefits of Avocado.

The Avocado is a berry fruit containing a single large seed.

It is usually oblong in shape and in some species is green when unripe and brown when ripe.

The Avocado comes in so many varieties and its use are equally as varied as its species according to different tribes and countries.

For instance, the Avocado can be used to make a salad and its paste used as a filling between two slices of bread to form a sandwich in Africa, it can also be used as a form of desert when mixed with treacle and as a type of Mexican dip for tortilla chips.

It is also used in some countries to make ice cream and smoothies for desert and snack.

Another very popular use of the Avocado is centered in beauty purposes.

The Avocado has been said to be a stimulant for hair growth and development.

It has also been said to smoothen the skin when it’s paste is used as a face mask.

The uses of Avocado are so vast and span across so many situations that it has become something of a universal fruit.

From health care to weight loss to hair care and beauty routines, the Avocado is dominant.

Below is the top list of 20 health benefits of Avocado

Avocados are Rich in Folic Acid Needed for Child Development

Folic acid is one of the supplements that pregnant women are given to take.

That is because the contribution of folic acid to the development of the foetus cannot be overemphasized.

The folic acid prevents the child from developing any birth defects that have to do with the spinal cord such as the spina bifida.

It also prevents the child from developing any neural tube and brain defect.

Avocado pear contains a very large amount of folic acid up to 41% therefore the Avocado fruit is very much prescribed for pregnant women.

They should try as much as possible to make Avocado a constant part of their meals so that they could get a lot of folic acid and ensure their babies are born healthy.

Avocado Protects You From Heart Diseases

The Avocado fruit has a big role to play in the health of the heart.

Avocado prevents certain heart diseases such as hypertension, and arteriosclerotic vascular disease.

Potassium is one of the substances that widens the lumen of the blood vessels thus dilating them and reducing the risk of a high blood pressure.

The Avocado contains the highest amount of potassium compared to other fruits and if taken constantly would aid hypertensive and pre hypertensive patients to maintain a normal blood pressure.

Arteriosclerosis is a heart disease commonly known as hardened arteries and it is formed when cholesterol builds up in the arteries causing a blockage and high blood pressure.

It is a serious heart disease that can eventually lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Constant consumption of Avocado fruit can increase the antiatherogenic characteristics of HDL cholesterol which would prevent the development of arteriosclerosis.

Another function of Avocado when it comes to the health of the heart is that it helps the body to stay at a healthy cholesterol level through the help of the phytosterol, beta-sitosterol.

Avocado Helps to Prevent Athritis

Athritis is the inflammation of the joints that comes with a lot of pain and can even impede movement if it gets really bad.

Although calcium is the vitamin most concerned with the health of the bone and teeth, another vitamin that plays a vital role in the health of the bone although unappreciated is the Vitamin K.

The vitamin K kills the inflammatory cells that cause athritis.

Avocado fruit contains vitamin K which when consumed would help to kill the inflammatory cells and prevent the development of arthritis.

Avocado Has a Big Role To Play in Weight Loss and Weight Management

Contrary to popular opinion that weight loss is better accelerated by the zero consumption of fats, studies show that the opposite is the case as a healthy consumption of healthy fats has been known to accelerate the loss of weight.

One of the fruits that can give you healthy fats is the Avocado.

Avocado contains a healthy amount of fat which is very good for weight loss and weight management.

Coupled with a diet plan and Regular exercise, loosing weight should not be a tough task.

Avocado and Cancer Prevention

Avocado contains certain substances like carotenoids that makes it a good cancer preventive food.

It prevents the development of cancerous cells in places like the breast cancer, pelvic cancer and even prostrate cancer.

The Avocado contains certain substances like monosaturated fats and carotenoids which help do a lot of noticeable work in reducing cancerous cells.

In terms of being preventive, the Avocado contains Glutathione which is a protector against cancerous cells and protects our bodies from the effect of free radicals.

Avocado also causes cancerous cells to die.

Avocado and Blood Sugar Level

What every diabetic knows is that they have to follow a strictly healthy diet or all hell would break lose.

The right diet containing all the necessary nutrients in the perfect proportion could mean the difference between life and a sugar coma or death.

Knowing the risk that not eating healthy can pose to their health and ultimately their lives, they do their utmost best to eat foods that would not contribute too much negatively to their blood sugar level and most often than not, this limits their foods to some not tasty stuff.

Sometimes their diets exclude lots of fruits that have a high sugar content and this can be very depressing for the diabetic.

They however, are advised to consume food that has low sugar content or has the ability to control the surges of their blood sugar.

One of such foods is the Avocado.

This is because it contains a minuscule amount of sugar and carbohydrate.

Not only is the fruit a help to diabetic patients, it’s leaves were recently discovered to have substances that reduce blood sugar level.

One other reason doctors ask their diabetic patients to eat Avocado is because of its rich fibre content.

The fibre would help to absorb a lot of sugar and fats and thus reduce the sugar content in the blood.

Avocado and Antioxidation

Oxidation of certain substances in our body give rise to free radicals which are very detrimental to the health.

Vitamin C and E are two vitamins that help to combat the oxidative qualities of certain substances in the body.

They both are contained in Avocado in very high quantities and help to fight the oxidation and subsequent production of the free radicals.

Avocado also contains other antioxidants such as neochrome, epicathechin, and many others.

Smooth and Healthy Skin

Those in the line of beauty and beauty products would be able to tell you that avocado paste and any other form in which it could come is a magical product in it’s results.

Avocado does a number of things for the skin including protecting the skin from the side effects of a suntan, smoothing of the skin, removal of acne and psoriasis, and just generally making the skin take on a glow.

The Avocado paste can be used in several ways for different uses too.

It can reduce the rate at which the skin ages, leaving it looking healthy and smooth.

The oleic acid content in the Avocado fruit moisturizes and works on the inner layer of skin to ensure that the skin remains young and beautiful.

Avocado and Increased Eyesight

When it comes to eyesight, the first vegetables that comes to mind are Carrot and tomato because of their high level of vitamin A.

A fruit that is under appreciated when it comes to its work on the eye is the Avocado pear.

The Avocado does a lot to keep our eyesight good.

Containing carotenoids like lutein that prevents the eye from eye diseases that are sensitive to age such as the macular degeneration and the cataracts, the Avocado pear has played a huge role in the health of the eye.

Avocado and Healthy Teeth

The Avocado seemingly has a lot of uses and advantages over other fruits in the sense that it’s uses are so versatile, you can find a use for them in literally every filed of study you venture into.

Avocado is a remedy for halitosis or mouth odor.

Mouth order can be caused by an upset stomach and incomplete digestion.

It can be combated by taking antibacterial drugs.

However, the Avocado fruit contains a particular antioxidant that absorbs and dispels the bacteria that causes an odor in the mouth.

Avocados and Healthy Liver

Avocados honestly have more than a lot of uses in so many different planes that it should be one of the most cultivated fruits in the world.

Apparently, the avocado or superman of the fruit world cannot only save the heart but also the livers.

The organic substances that are contained in the Avocado are very good at keeping the liver healthy.

Avocados and Hair Treatment

The fact that avocados are used in hair treatment should not come as a surprise to you because of its contents such as the beta carotene and the lycopropene.

If the Avocado can smoothen skin, then it most definitely would be  able to do a better job where the hair is concerned.

The Avocado contains certain essential elements that do a good job in keeping the hair smooth.

The oil can be massaged into the scalp of a person’s hair to stimulate growth.

The Avocado and Digestion

Avocado is a fruit known for its high fibre content going as high as 41% per serving.

The fibre content is the main aid for digestion.

Because of the fibre, the food eaten would take a longer time to digest and this would ensure that the carbohydrate and sugars are absorbed, and that a good amount of the nutrients in the Avocado are fully absorbed from the intestine.

The Avocado also helps to reduce constipation because of the longer time of digestion.

Avocado and Morning Sickness

The morning sickness is perhaps one of the most hated occurrences during the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy.

All you want at this point is to never run to the bathroom every morning and to be able to eat some breakfast.

Heres a solution for you.

The Avocado pear does not support the morning sickness because of the Vitamin B6 contained in it.

So eating the Avocado pear would greatly reduce your morning sickness if you are pregnant.

Avocado Pear and Healthy Kidney

The Avocado pear has a lot of benefits to the health and specifically to many organs in the body.

One of those organs is the Kidney.

Diseases of the kidney are usually caused when there is an imbalance in the minerals that pass through it.

However, potassium contained in high quantities in the Avocado has a role to play in the balancing of the minerals and the overall well being of the kidney.

Avocado Makes a Good Baby Meal

The Avocado fruit is being recommended as an introductory meal to new babies because of its balanced taste and the sheer amount of nutrients it possesses.

avocado health benefits

Eating Avocados Makes a Person Healthy

Avocados contain so many nutrients and so many components that positively affect our health, our body systems and our organs.

Almost all the major organs need substances or extracts from Avocado to have a better and healthier life.

According to a recent research, it was concluded from results gotten that people who ate more Avocado were a lot more healthy than those who didn’t.

Those who ate Avocado showed better levels of good cholesterol, better skin, lesser weight and reduced BMI.

Consuming Avocado Helps You Absorb Nutrients Form Other Plant Based Foods Better

This all boils down to the fat soluble minerals contained in the Avocado in sizeable quantities.

Adding Avocado to any of your meals ensures that your body would absorb all the nutrients especially those from the plant based foods.

Avocado is a Highly Nutritious Fruit

Perhaps there isn’t any other fruit as nutritiously wholesome and versatile as the Avocado.

Containing lots of nutrients such as protein, Fibre, potassium and having a low carbohydrate content, the Avocado is a fruit for everyone.

Its concentration of healthy fats  and low level of carbs makes it a very good choice for anyone regardless of their health or personal constraints.

Avocados Have Stunning Wound Healing Powers

The numerous vitamins and minerals contained in the Avocado gives it a lot of wound healing capacities.

For starters, the vitamin K does a lot for blood clotting as it is very good at blood thickening, the vitamin B6 plays its role by aiding the formation of antibodies to fight against any invaders and the vitamin C goes a long way to help in the synthesis of collagen for scar tissue formation.

The Avocado is a must have fruit for everyone.

Healthy and filled with so many nutrients and minerals, it’s function in our bodies cannot be over emphasized.

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