Reasons For Exercising – What You Should Know

Reasons For Exercising

Below I am going to emphasize on the several diverse benefits of exercising.

Weight Loss

Our society values fitness, good looks and thinness, so staying in shape and keeping trim concerns many people.

However, an estimated 6 to 70 million American adults and teenagers are overweight.

For most people, when they discover that they are overweight the first thing they think to do is diet.

Although dieting certainly helps to lose weight, exercise plays an important role that is often underrated.

People worry that exercise increases appetite, but this isn’t true of workouts of moderate and short duration.

Some people assume that exercise does not burn enough calories to make a significant difference in weight loss, but this is contrary to fact.

For example, running 3 mile 5 times a week can produce a weight loss of 20 to 25 if caloric intake remains the same.

Weight loss can have important health consequences beyond looking ad feeling good.

Obesity and physical activity are primary factors for coronary heart disease.

Weight loss can be achievable if you maintain a consistent exercise program.

Many had derived benefit from having a consistent exercise program.

So you try set a kind of an exercise schedule and stick, it will help you greatly.

Thus, regular exercise will not only help in weight control and appearance but will also eliminate physical inactivity as a risk factor.

Reduction Inrisk Of Hypertension

Another health-related benefit of regular exercise is lowering of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Like obesity, hypertension is a prime risk factor in coronary heart disease.

Statistics indicate that 110 mm hg systolic an 70 mm hg diastolic is considered optimal blood pressure to 150 mm hg increases the risk of heart disease by more than two times.

Yet research has indicated that blood pressure can be reduced through regular exercise.

Reduction in Stress and Depression

Regular exercise is associated with increased well-being.

Our society has seen recently a tremendous increase in the number of people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression.

Exercise is one way to cope effectively with the world around us.

Stress and depression is one of the problems associated with overweight.

But if really do maintain a regular exercise you are sure reduce it to the minimum.


Although many start exercise programs to improve their health and lose weight, it is rare for people to continue this program unless they find the experience enjoyable.

In general, people continue the exercise program because of fun, happiness and satisfaction it brings.

The major reason for participation in organized youth sport is to have fun.

Yet as people mature, the fun aspect of sport and physical activity seems to ousted by needs to be  productive, hard working and successful.

For example I myself view exercise as play.

And that is why it doesn’t look boring or like a burden to me.

I suggest you try viewing that way and you will really enjoy doing exercise.

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