Teeth Bleaching – Is it essential?

Teeth Bleaching

With more exposure to media and the outside world, self awareness, maintenance and hygiene have become one’s prime importance specially oral hygiene can make or mar someone’s day.

So when there is so much of importance laid in it then it better to know about the products in the market.

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching kits – They are packs available from £5 onwards and depending on the brand the prices and results vary , they come in the form of bleach gels or paint ons with guidelines written on the pack.

This is acclaimed to have whitened the teeth by 5 to 7 shades.

Fresh Breath products – which normally include toothpaste , mouth rinse and tongue scraper.

The fluoride in the paste is for strengthening and protection, the tongue scrapper is to keep your tongue free from bacteria generated from trapped food particles and the mouth rinse is to ensure that your mouth feels fresh for the whole day .

Floss – This is used to remove all trapped food between the teeth which is major cause of cavities and bad breath.

Sensodyne and similar toothpastes are used to remove sensitivity and to help strengthen teeth.

There are hoards of Oral care products but before using it for Teeth Bleaching or any other tooth care check if they can be used by all age groups and especially pregnant woman have to take care to use the right product.

So take the big step towards a better health begining with oral hygiene.

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