Top 18 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight 2018

healthy Ways to Lose Weight

I know you’ve been looking for healthy ways to lose weight.

Weight loss, the biggest issue in the modern world.

Why is it the biggest issue? It is because of many reasons.

Some of them being the timing of the sleep, the introduction of machines, lack of outdoor sports, no control over the use of the gadgets and all the fast and junk food in a fast-paced lifestyle.

Therefore, we need to bring changes in our lives to stay away from all the things and factors, which influence us to gain weight and become slow day by day.

Are we working towards counter attacking it?

Are we forgetting that prevention is better than cure? Yes, we are.

We will help you to lose the weight by applying healthy ways to lose weight.

There are total 18 of them.

Just follow them to get results.

Here, we are not starting from random things.

We will help you from the wake-up period to the sleeping period with ways to lose weight.

Let us get started.

1. Wake up early

Very cliché is not it.

What does wake up time does to our weight loss program?

People forget that sun plays a very important role in your life along with the fresh air and atmosphere.

When you woke up early, then you are increasing your chance of getting fresh air, feel and the sense of calmness, as there will be no sound pollution all around you.

It is just the best option for everyone, who is lazy.

If you are early then that means you are fighting laziness.

Laziness leads to weight gain.

If you are active then you will lose weight.

2. Drink a glass full of lukewarm water with honey and lemon

As soon as you wake up, you need to drink Lukewarm lemon water with the honey.

It sets up the tone for the perfect active day in your day-to-day life.

Just drink it on empty stomach sip by sip with the easy breath.

This will make sure that you get all the fluid you need it for your workout.

This energizes you.

3. Start the Yoga and breath exercise

It will help you a lot.

Do the yoga that makes sure your body is lost.

You need to do it outdoor to get more out of it.

Perform the breath exercises along with it.

Do the yoga for 30 minutes if you are into exercise and the weightlifting.

This will maximize the effect.

As yoga is all about the flexibility of your body, you will become more flexible to perform the other tough exercises.

4. Then do jogging, running and fast walking

After the yoga, your body is in perfect condition to do all the tough exercises and active life.

However, it does not increase your calorie-burning rate.

Therefore, you need fast walking and jogging for your weight loss program.

If you are already adjusted to, it then opts for the hard slow rule.

That is running for 20 seconds then jogging for 20 seconds and walking for 20 seconds.

Then repeating the process for next 15 minutes to lose weight.

5. Exercise and weight lifting

healthy Ways to Lose WeightYou have already worked out for 45 minutes in total.

That will help you to lose right amount of weight.

However, you are obese.

You need to lose more weight.

So next step is to go for different kind of exercise and weight lifting every day.

Use different exercise and weight lift repetition to lose the weight without affecting your body.

Do the weight lifting to pump your heart to lose weight efficiently.

6. Drink black coffee, green tea or oolong tea

After the good workout, you need to do is refill fluid in your body.

If you fail to do it then you will feel weak and tired.

These teas we provide fluid as well as nutrition for your body.

As they are rich in antioxidants, it’ll help you to keep your tummy clean.

They will also be you to curb your urges of binge food eating.

This means it will provide a positive effect on your weight loss program.

7. Good and healthy breakfast

Many people do not realize that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

No matter what, you should not miss the breakfast.

Do not fill your tummy completely.

You can eat high fiber, good fat and the low carbohydrate food.

This is the kind of eating method that helps you to not to feel hungry and lose weight quickly.

8. Add good fiber, high fat, moderate protein and the low carbohydrates

Ways to Lose WeightYou need to maintain balance in your diet.

You can achieve it by adding the high-fat food like the fish, meat, vegetables and other ingredients.

Add moderate amount food protein, so that you get enough nutrition in your body.

Do not increase the content of protein more than the moderate level.

Then add very less amount of the carbohydrates in your diet.

9. Drink apple cider vinegar in water before food

Next step is very important.

You need to add the apple cider vinegar in your life.

The best method is to add the apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and the dinner.

It’ll make sure that your stomach is ready to digest the food.

Many people suffer from this problem of indigestion.

By increasing metabolism, you will digest your food correctly.

It even helps you to curb your urges of eating more.

10. Avoid three major white that are dangerous

Yes, three dangerous white things.

Those their white things are sugar, flour and the rice.

Got should be careful work these items.

Many people fail to understand this simple thing.

If you consume these things, they will increase your weight considerably.

Instead of that include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Add high fiber products.

11. Water, water, and water

If you ignore the importance of water then to face many health issues.

These health issues will reduce the chance of reducing weight.

You know, how important the water is for your body.

If you are giving three to five liters of water to your body then you are reducing all the infection and bacterias in your body and increasing the oxygen content.

Depending on the season, you need to increase or decrease the water content.

It will also help you to feel full and energetic.

12. Stay away from the soda

Yes, you need to stay away from soda.

Sometimes, people think that diet soda has zero calories.

So it is easy and not dangerous to drink it.

However, little you know that they will have a negative effect on your weight loss.

No matter what you need to stay away from them.

If you are not controlling the urges to drink the soda.

Then you can opt for the different natural juices like fruit juice, root juice and vegetable juice to reduce your weight and become healthy.

13. Ayurveda treatment

As the Ayurveda treatment does not contain any kinds of side effects, you can try different weight loss programs to lose weight quickly.

Many ingredients, roots, and leaves will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

They include three to five step to reduce your weight.

You can even apply Ayurveda oils and heat treatment to reduce the weight in a healthy way.

14. Divide the food to lose weight

Next step is dividing your food into three to four small meals.

If you are consuming a lot of food once or twice in a day then it will make you lazy and sleepy.

Because of this to become inactive and you will face difficulty in reducing weight.

Divide the food and eat them.

15. Use right method of eating food

What is the right method? Is there a right method apart from the food dividing? Yes, there is.

When you are about to eat then drink a half glass of water.

Do not drink water during the eating process.

Chew the food properly and use the slow eating method to increase digestion to lose weight.

While eating makes sure that, your posture is right.

If you are thirsty then drink water after 10 minutes of eating.

16. Say no to the oily food

Oily foods are dangerous for your body and heart.

At the same time, the cholesterol in the oily foods will increase the fat secretion in your body.

It is very important to include the cholesterol less oil in your food.

If you are obese then avoid the oily food in your diet.

If you want then you can use olive oil in your salads.

17. Play outdoor games in the evening

Outdoor games in the evening will help to remove all the stress and clears your mind and body.

It will also help your body to breath air and lose fat in the form of sweat.

You can play or walk for few minutes in the evening and after dinner.

18 Lemon water before bed and sleep early to wake up early

The final step in the day is to drink warm water with the lemon in the night.

It will act as a detergent to your fat secretion area in your stomach.

Go to sleep after 15 minutes and wake up early to repeat the process.

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