What the Weight Loss Industry Won’t Tell You about Dieting

What the Weight Loss Industry Won't Tell You about Dieting

Losing weight is not magical.

It does not happen by excluding healthy foods such as complex carbs from your diet or by starving your body into submission and long-term weight loss certainly does not happen by taking diet pills.

Commitment to a healthy diet plan and regular exercise is the way you lose weight and keep it off.

Let’s face it, regular exercise increases the amount of calories you burn each day and it makes you feel good.

A daily walk of 30 minutes at a fast pace can burn as much as 200 to 300 calories, depending on your size.

Multiply that times 5 or 7 days each week combined with a good diet and you lose weight.

Not everybody can commit to regular exercise.

If you can’t find time in your schedule for exercise, even if it means waking 1/2 hour early to immediately begin your walk or treadmill, then you may not be ready for the serious endeavor of losing weight.

Also if you’re not willing to plan your entire meal for the day and prepare healthy foods to take with you to work, then you’re probably not ready.

Life is so hectic at times that it’s difficult to sort through all the problems affecting our lives.

We tend to burry major issues from our subconscious that eventually resurface in the form of unhealthy habits such as nervous eating, smoking or drinking.

If you’re dealing with major life changing events such as loss of a job, divorce, death of a loved one or depression, then attempting to make further lifestyle adjustments to lose weight may be just too much.
What the Weight Loss Industry Won't Tell You about Dieting
Contrary to popular belief, it’s better to adopt a strategy of not gaining weight, and attempt to lose at a later time, when you’re better able to deal with the rigor.

Also, eating disorders should be identified and dealt with by a health professional.

Most people approach weight loss as a short-term goal rather than a long-term commitment.

If you’re not ready to change certain bad eating habits, then you’re not ready to lose weight.

Your focus must be on day-to-day habits such as:

  • Eating 4 or more nutritious meals each day
  • Daily or almost daily walks at a fast pace
  • Reduce consumption of fried or junk food
  • Plan and execute your exercise and meal plan each day
  • Do not skip meals, especially breakfast
  • Eat every 2 to 4 hours including nutritious snacks
  • Prepare nutritious snacks to brings with you to work

The above are habits that will make you shed pounds and should be accomplished for a lifetime, not just 3 weeks.

Stop worrying about the scale and focus on the above habits each day.

Your reward will be a slimmer person without all the drama.

Losing weight first starts in the head.

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