Weight Loss Training Program Using 6 Days on and 1 Day off Diet Plan

Weight Loss Training Program

Having trouble sticking to your diet because of temptation to eat the wrong foods?

Then you need to try this weight loss training program using 6 days on and 1 day off diet plan.

The program is 6 days of eating a good, balance diet and one day off to eat a few of your favorite foods.

This method works best by planning 5 to 6 meals each day.

You also may need to prepare some foods at home to take with you to work.

To lose 1 pound of fat per week, most women should consume no more than 1500 calories each day while men should consume no more than 2200 calories per day.

Eliminate bread, pizza, all white flour products and sugar.

Also eliminate fried foods.

Dinner should consist of a basic lean meat with several vegetables and maybe a sugar free desert or fruit.

Lunch can be any lean meat with a vegetable or sandwich using whole grain mini sandwich rounds instead of regular bread.

If you use regular bread, then have ½ sandwich using whole grain bread.

You can also prepare soups at home and bring to work.

Stir fry vegetables with meat make great lunch or dinner.

Also consider brown rice with chicken.

Breakfast Suggestions:

Whole grain cereal with a fruit


2 to 3 egg whites with a fruit


Protein shake with a fruit.

Between meals snacks can be anything that is nutritious such as fruits, nuts, sweet potato or sugar free yogurt.

Use your free day to eat what you really like.

That might be your favorite piece of cake and a couple pieces of fried chicken.

The trick is to not over indulge but include a couple of forbidden foods that you like into your regular diet menu once a week.

Never change your basic daily menu because those 6 days of strict eating establish good eating habits.

The seventh free day is just adding some of your favorite foods to your daily menu so that your basic good eating habits are still maintained.

By having 1 free day of eating, you will be able to lose more weight over the long haul because you have successfully reduced your calorie intake over a long period of time.

To jump start your weight loss, add a daily 30 minute aerobic activity and watch the weight loss really accelerate.

Here’s an interesting video as to why weight loss training program using 6 days on and 1 day off diet plan is good.

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